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ISI/Scopus Published Journal Papers 2019

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Author(s): Chitnarong Sirisathitkul, Yaowarat Sirisathitkul and Wannasarn Noonsuk
Source: Journal of Science and Arts
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = –
Volume: 45 Number: 4 Page: 1025-1032 Published: December 2018

52 Title: Cadaveric and angiographic studies of superior thyroid artery:anatomical variations inorigin and distance to carotidbifurcation
Author(s): Pattama Amarttayakong, Worawut Woraputtaporn, Waranon Munkong and Sukrit Sangkhano
Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Science and Technology
Database: Scopus
Volume: 23 Number: 4 Article ID: APST-23-04-07 Published: October 2018

51 Title: Pathways to workplace innovation and career satisfaction in the public service: The role of leadership and culture
Author(s): Warit Wipulanusat, Kriengsak Panuwatwanich and Rodney Anthony Stewart
Source: International Journal of Organizational Analysis
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = –
Volume: 26 Number: 5 Page: 890-914 Published: December 2018

50 Title: Effect of types of bagging materials on growth, quality and disease-insect damages in pummelo fruit in tropical humid conditions
Author(s): M. Issarakraisila
Source: Acta Horticulturae
Database: Scopus
Volume: 1208 Number: – Page: 319-323 Published: 2018

49 Title: Developing the active larval indices surveillance system for dengue solution in low and high dengue risk primary care units, Southern Thailand
Author(s): Charuai Suwanbamrung
Source: Journal of Health Research
Database: Scopus
Volume: 32   Number: 6   Page: 408-420   Published: December 2018

48 Title: Impact of Weekly Climatic Variables on Weekly Malaria Incidence throughout Thailand: A Country-Based Six-Year Retrospective Study
Author(s): Manas Kotepui and Kwuntida Uthaisar Kotepui
Source: Journal of Environmental and Public Health
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = –
Volume: 2018 Number: 2018 Article ID: 8397815 Published: December 2018

47 Title: Expression of an active Gαs mutant in skeletal stem cells is sufficient and necessary for fibrous dysplasia initiation and maintenance
Author(s): Xuefeng Zhao, Peng Deng, Ramiro Iglesias-Bartolome, Panomwat Amornphimoltham, Dana J. Steffen, Yunyun Jin, Alfredo A. Molinolo, Luis Fernandez de Castro, Diana Ovejero, Quan Yuan, Qianming Chen, Xianglong Han, Ding Bai, Susan S. Taylor, Yingzi Yang, Michael T. Collins, and J. Silvio Gutkind
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 9.504
Volume: 115 Number: 3 Page: E428-E437 Published: November 2018

46 Title: Burn in Zone: Monitor Physical Activity Intensity with Objective Heart Rate
Author(s): Sakchai Muangsrinoon and Poonpong Boonbrahm
Source: Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.517
Volume: 10 Number: 10 Page: 1434-1438 Published: November 2018

45 Title: Efficient Approaches to Compute Longest Previous Non-overlapping Factor Array
Author(s): Supaporn Chairungsee
Source: Fundamenta Informaticae
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.725
Volume: 163 Number: 3 Page: 291-304 Published: November 2018

44 Title: Reproductive status and burrow characteristics of females of the fiddler crab Tubuca rosea (Tweedie, 1937) (Brachyura, Ocypodidae) in southern Thailand
Author(s): Kanitta Keeratipattarakarn, Fahmida Wazed Tina, Mullica Jaroensutasinee and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
Source: Crustaceana
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.517
Volume: 91 Number: 11 Page: 1367-1374 Published: October 2018

43 Title: Study of the Hand Anatomy Using Real Hand and Augmented Reality
Author(s): Poonpong Boonbrahm, Charlee Kaewrat, Presert Pengkaew, Salin Boonbrahmand Vincent Meni
Source: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies
Database: Scopus
Volume: 12 Number: 7 Page: 181-190 Published: November 2018

42 Title: Development of Virtual Pulse Simulation for Pulse Diagnosis Studies
Author(s): Moragot Kandee, Poonpong Boonbrahm and Valla Tantayotai
Source: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies
Database: Scopus
Volume: 12 Number: 7 Page: 31-42 Published: November 2018

41 Title: Bioactive functionality of pectin from peels of seven Thai mango cultivars
Author(s): S. Sommano, P. Ounamornmas, M. Nisoa and S. Sriwattana
Source: Acta Horticulturae
Database: Scopus
Volume: 1213 Number: – Page: 423-428 Published: October 2018

40 Title: Palm oil fuel ash-soft soil geopolymer for subgrade applications: strength and microstructural evaluation
Author(s): Patimapon SukmakGampanart Sukmak, Suksun Horpibulsuk, Monthian Setkit, Sippakarn Kassawat and Arul Arulrajah
Source: Road Materials and Pavement Design
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.193
Volume: 20 Number: 1 Page: 110-131 Published: January 2019

39 Title: Curcumin pyrazole blocks lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation via suppression of JNK activation in RAW 264.7 macrophages
Author(s): Nathnarin Somchit, Rungruedee Kimseng, Rana Dhar, Poonsit Hiransai, Chatchawan Changtam, Apichart Suksamrarn, Wilanee Chunglok and Warangkana Chunglok
Source: Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.976
Volume: 36 Number: 3 Page: 184-190 Published: 2018

38 Title: Reduction in replication-independent endogenous DNA double-strand breaks promotes genomic instability during chronological aging in yeast
Author(s): Jirapan Thongsroy, Maturada Patchsung, Monnat Pongpanich, Sirapat Settayanon and Apiwat Mutirangura
Source: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 5.595
Volume: 32 Number: 11 Page: 6252-6260 Published: November 2018

37 Title: Dihydroosajaxanthone: A New Natural Xanthone from the Branches of Garcinia Schomburgkiana Pierre
Author(s): Imron Meechai, Worrapong Phupong, Warangkana Chunglok and Puttinan Meepowpan
Source: Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.372
Volume: 17 Number: 4 Page: 1347-1352 Published: December 2018

36 Title: Polyacetal Based Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Author(s): Thipapun Plyduang, Ana Armin, Julie Movellan, Richard M. England, Ruedeekorn Wiwattanapatapee and Mara J. Vicent
Source: Macromolecular Rapid Communications
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 4.441
Volume: 39 Number: 19 Aticle ID: 1800265 Published: October 2018

35 Title: A Supramolecular Gel Based on 12?Hydroxystearic Acid/Virgin Coconut Oil for Injectable Drug Delivery
Author(s): Vimon Tantishaiyakul, Passaporn Ouiyangkul, Makawan Wajasat, Tasana Pawisat, Namon Hirun and Tanatchaporn Sangfai
Source: European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.200
Volume: 120 Number: 10 Aticle ID: 1800178 Published: October 2018

34 Title: Morphology of Bi2O3 Nanowires and Nanoflowers in the Synthesis of MnBi Alloys
Author(s): Thanida Charoensuk, Chitnarong Sirisathitkul, Upsorn Boonyang and Pongsakorn Jantaratana
Source: Solid State Phenomena
Database: Scopus
Volume: 283 Number: – Page: 124-131 Published: October 2018

33 Title: Accumulation of conjugated linoleic acid in Lactobacillus plantarum WU-P19 is enhanced by induction with linoleic acid and chitosan treatment
Authors: Wilawan Palachum, Wanna Choorit and Yusuf Chisti
Journal: Annals of Microbiology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.407
Volume: 68 Number: 10 Page: 611-624 Published: October 2018

32 Title: Stable Gravastars: Guilfoyle’s electrically charged solutions
Authors: Ayan Banerjee, J.R. Villanueva, Phongpichit Channuie and Kimet Jusufi
Journal: Chinese Physics C
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.298
Volume: 42 Number: 11 Aticle ID: 115101 Published: November 2018

31 Title: Receiver female body size and distances affect the claw-waving rate of signaller males in fiddler crabs (Brachyura, Ocypodidae)
Author(s): Fahmida Wazed Tina, Mullica Jaroensutasinee and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
Source: Behaviour
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.484
Volume: 155 Number: 10-12 Page: 905-914 Published: October 2018

30 Title: The superstitious journey of Thai lottery gamblers
Author(s): Theeranuch Pusaksrikit, Siwarit Pongsakornrungsilp, Sydney Chinchanachokchai and Elizabeth Crosby
Source: Journal of Marketing Management
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.229
Volume: 34 Number: 13-14 Page: 1126-1148 Published: October 2018

29 Title: A Time-Driven Activity-Based Cost Study of Primary Care Pharmacy Service of Chronic Diseases Among The Elderly at Community Health Center, Krabi Hospital and Sai Thai Contract Units Of Primary Care, Krabi Province, Thailand
Author(s): Toathong T, Trijutakarn T, Sawangpon S, Chantanis A and Pannoi T
Source: Value in Health
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 5.494
Volume: 21 Number: S2 Page: S51 Published: November 2018

28 Title: Neuroprotective efficacy of curcumin in lead (Pb) induced inflammation and cholinergic dysfunction in mice
Author(s): Jitbanjong Tangpong
Source: Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 6.020
Volume: 128 Number: S1 Page: S99 Published: November 2018

27 Title: Identification of ST7 Alteration Profile, Frequency of Alteration and Correlation with ST7-Related Genes using TCGA Data
Author(s): Nurdina CHARONG and Moltira PROMKAN
Source: Walailak Journal of Science and Technology
Database: Scopus
Volume: 16 Number: 3 Page: 217-230 Published: March 2019

26 Title: Co-treatment Effect of Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels on Indomethacin Induced Gastric Ulcer on Mice Model
Author(s): Montakarn THONGSOM, Lanchakon CHANUDOM and Jitbanjong TANGPONG
Source: Walailak Journal of Science and Technology
Database: Scopus
Volume: 16 Number: 3 Page: 193-206 Published: March 2019

25 Title: Cytoprotective and Anti-genotoxic Effects of Xanthone Derivatives from Garcinia mangostana Against H2O2 Induced PBMC Cell and Blood Leukocytes Damage of Normal and Type 2 Diabetes Volunteers
Author(s): Naymul KARIM, Lanchakon CHANUDOM and Jitbanjong TANGPONG
Source: Walailak Journal of Science and Technology
Database: Scopus
Volume: 16 Number: 3 Page: 143-153 Published: March 2019

24 Title: English language teaching in Thailand: Filipino teachers’ experiences and perspectives
Author(s): Mark B. Ulla
Source: Issues in Educational Research
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = –
Volume: 28 Number: 4 Page: 1080-1094 Published: November 2018

23 Title: Lipase-catalyzed selective enrichment of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in acylglycerols of cod liver and linseed oils: Modeling the binding affinity of lipases and fatty acids
Author(s): Ying Chen, Ling-Zhi Cheong, Jiahe Zhao, Worawan Panpipat, Zhipan Wang, Ye Li, Chenyang Lu, Jun Zhou and Xiurong Su
Source: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.909
Volume: 123 Number: – Page: 261-268 Published: February 2019

22 Title: Improvement of heavy and light chain assembly by modification of heavy chain constant region 1 (CH1): Application for the construction of an anti-paclitaxel fragment antigen-binding (Fab) antibody
Author(s): Gorawit Yusakul, Seiichi Sakamoto, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Satoshi Morimoto
Source: Journal of Biotechnology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.533
Volume: 288 Number: – Page: 41-47 Published: December 2018

21 Title: Biological properties in relation to health promotion effects of Garcinia mangostana (queen of fruit): A short report
Author(s): Naymul Karim and Jitbanjong Tangpong
Source: Journal of Health Research
Database: Scopus
Volume: 32 Number: 5 Page: 364-370 Published: October 2018

20 Title: Property gradients in oil palm trunk (Elaeis guineensis)
Author(s): Suthon Srivaro, Nirundorn Matan and Frank Lam
Source: Journal of Wood Science
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.413
Volume: 647 Number: 6 Page: 709-719 Published: December 2018

19 Title: Cross-reactivity of latex agglutination assay complicates the identification of Burkholderia pseudomallei from soil
Author(s): Jirarat Songsri, Yuta Kinoshita, Wiyada Kwanhian, Sueptrakool WisessombatJitbanjong Tangpong, Md Siddiqur Rahman-Khan and Apichai Tuanyok
Source: FEMS Microbiology Letters
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.735
Volume: 365 Number: – Page: 1-5 Published: November 2018

18 Title: Silver nanoparticles synthesized with Eucalyptus critriodora ethanol leaf extract stimulate antibacterial activity against clinically multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from pneumonia patients
Author(s): Phitchayapak Wintachai, Supakit Paosen, Chutha Takahashi Yupanqui and Supayang Piyawan Voravuthikunchai
Source: Microbial Pathogenesis
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.332
Volume: 126 Number: – Page: 245-257 Published: January 2019

17 Title: Results from the Medical School Physical Activity Report Card (MSPARC) for a Thai Medical School: a mixed methods study
Author(s): Apichai Wattanapisit, Surasak Vijitpongjinda, Udomsak SaengowWaluka Amaek, Sanhapan Thanamee and Prachyapan Petchuay
Source: BMC Medical Education
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.511
Volume: 18 Number: 1 Aticle ID: 288 Published: December 2018

16 Title: A comprehensive survey of physical activity in a Thai medical school using the Medical School Physical Activity Report Card (MSPARC)
Author(s): Apichai Wattanapisit, Surasak Vijitpongjinda, Udomsak Saengow, Waluka Amaek, Sanhapan Thanamee and Prachyapan Petchuay
Source: Journal of Physical Activity and Health
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.723
Volume: 15 Number: 10 Page: S24 Published: October 2018

15 Title: Community-based surveillance of Cryptosporidium in the indigenous community of Boliwong, Philippines, April to December 2017
Author(s): Ryan Vidal Labana, Julieta Z. Dungca and Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Source: Epidemiology and Health
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = –
Volume: 2018 Number: 2018 Aticle ID: e2018047 Published: October 2018

14 Title: Hypoglycemia induced by Plasmodium berghei infection is prevented by treatment with Tinospora crispa stem extract
Author(s): Sakaewan Ounjaijean, Sukanya Chachiyo and Voravuth Somsak
Source: Parasitology International
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.055
Volume: 68 Number: 1 Page: 57-59 Published: February 2019

13 Title: Anti-infective activities of 11 plants species used in traditional medicine in Malaysia
Author(s): Nadiah Syafiqah Nor Azman, Mohd Shahadat Hossan, Veeranoot Nissapatorn, Chairat Uthaipibull, ParichatPrommana, Khoo Teng Jin, Rahmatullah Mohammed, Tooba Mahboob, Chandramathi Samudi Raju, HassanMahmood Jindal, Banasri Hazra, Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Abd Razak, Vijay Kumar Prajapati, Rajan KumarPandey, Norhaniza Aminudin, Khozirah Shaari, Nor Hadiani Ismail, Mark S Butler, Vladimir V. Zarubaev and Christophe Wiart C
Source: Experimental Parasitology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.821
Volume: 194 Number: – Page: 67-78 Published: November 2018

12 Title: Enhanced CO2 capturing over ultra-microporous carbon with nitrogen-active species prepared using one-step carbonization of polybenzoxazine for a sustainable environment
Author(s): Nicharat Manmuanpom, Uthen Thubsuang, Stephan Thierry Dubas, Sujitra Wongkasemjit and Thanyalak Chaisuwan
Source: Journal of Environmental Management
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 4.005
Volume: 223 Number: – Page: 779-786 Published: October 2018

11 Title: A kinetic spectrophotometric method for the determination of pyridoxal-5?-phosphate based on coenzyme activation of apo-D-phenylglycine aminotransferase
Author(s): Juntratip Jomrit, Duangnate Isarangkul, Pijug Summpunn and Suthep Wiyakrutta
Source: Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2016) = 2.502
Volume: 117 Number: – Page: 64-71 Published: October 2018

10 Title: Vibrio biofilm inhibitors screened from marine fungi protect shrimp against acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND)
Author(s): Chumporn Soowannayan, D. Nitin Chandra Teja, Pattanan Yatip, Fahmina Yasmin Mazumder, Kulatara Krataitong, Panida Unagul, Satinee Suetrong, Sita Preedanon, Anupong Klaysuban, Jariya Sakayaroj and Tanuwong Sangtiean
Source: Aquaculture
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.710
Volume: 499 Number: – Page: 1-8 Published: January 2019

9 Title: Noether symmetry in a nonlocal f(T) Gravity
Authors: Phongpichit Channuie and Davood Momeni
Journal: Nuclear Physics B
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.285
Volume: 935 Number: – Page: 256-270 Published: October 2018

8 Title: Patients’ perspectives regarding hospital visits in the universal health coverage system of Thailand: A qualitative study
Author(s): Apichai Wattanapisit and Udomsak Saengow
Source: Asia Pacific Family Medicine
Database: Scopus
Volume: 17 Number: – Aticle ID: 9 Published: December 2018

7 Title: A Spectroscopic Study of Indigo Dye in Aqueous Solution: A Combined Experimental and TD-DFT Study
Author(s): Naparat Jiwalak, Rathawat Daengngern, Thanyada Rungrotmongkol, Siriporn Jungsuttiwong, Supawadee Namuangruk, Nawee Kungwan and Supaporn Dokmaisrijan
Source: Journal of Luminescence
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.732
Volume: 204 Number: – Page: 568-572 Published: December 2018

6 Title: Weighted A-optimality criterion for generating robust mixture designs
Author(s): Wanida Limmun, John J. Borkowski and Boonorm Chomtee
Source: Computers & Industrial Engineering
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.195
Volume: 125 Number: – Page: 348-356 Published: November 2018

5 Title: Claw regeneration, waving display, and burrow characteristics of Austruca perplexa (H. Milne Edwards, 1852) (Brachyura, Ocypodidae) from southern Thailand
Author(s): Fahmida Wazed Tina, Mullica Jaroensutasinee and Krisanadej Jaroensutasinee
Source: Crustaceana
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.517
Volume: 91 Number: 10 Page: 1247-1257 Published: October 2018

4 Title: Lack of association between SLCO1B1 polymorphisms and lipid-lowering response to simvastatin therapy in Thai hypercholesterolaemic patients
Author(s): N. Kaewboonlert, W. Thitisopee, W. Sirintronsopon, S. Porntadavity and N. Jeenduang
Source: Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) =1.661
Volume: 43 Number: 5 Page: 647-655 Published: October 2018

3 Title: Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections and associated risk factors for hookworm infections among primary schoolchildren in rural areas of Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand
Authors: Chuchard Punsawad, Nonthapan Phasuk, Suchirat Bunratsami, Kanjana Thongtup, Parnpen Viriyavejakul, Sarawoot Palipoch, Phanit Koomhin and Somchok Nongnaul
Journal: BMC Public Health
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.420
Volume: 18 Number: – Article ID: 1118 Published: December 2018

2 Title: Weighted A-optimality criterion for generating robust mixture designs
Author(s): Wanida Limmun, John J. Borkowski and Boonorm Chomtee
Source: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.195
Volume: 125 Number: – Page: 348-356 Published: November 2018

1 Title: On the Scalar-Vector-Tensor Gravity: Black Hole, Thermodynamics and Geometrothermodynamics
Authors: Phongpichit Channuie and Davood Momeni
Journal: Journal: Physics Letters B
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 4.254
Volume: 785 Number: – Page: 309-314 Published: October 2018

Accepted Manuscript

16 Title: Measurement of Radiated Field from Transmitting Antennas Located in Various Environments
Author(s): Monai Krairiksh, Chainarong Kittiyanpunya, Thunyawat Limpiti, Tanawut Tantisopharak, Tanawut Tantisopharak, Prapan Leekul, Paiboon Yoiyod, Bancha Luadang, Arnon Sakonkanapong and Chuwong Phongcharoenpanich
Source: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 4.130

15 Title: A theoretical study on the molecular encapsulation of luteolin and pinocembrin with various derivatized beta-cyclodextrins
Author(s): Panupong Mahalapbutr, Kanokwan Thitinanthavet, Thadsanee Kedkham, Huy Nguyen, Le thi ha Theu, Supaporn Dokmaisrijan, Lam Huynh, Nawee Kungwan and Thanyada Rungrotmongkol
Source: Journal of Molecular Structure
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.011

14 Title: Impact of the Rastall parameter on perfect fluid spheres
Author(s): Sudan Hansraj, Ayan Banerjee and Phongpichit Channuie
Source: Annals of Physics
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.367

13 Title: Implementing a palm oil‐based biodiesel policy: The case of Thailand
Author(s): Somjai Nupueng, Peter Oosterveer and Arthur P. J. Mol
Source: Energy Science & Engineering
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 3.553

12 Title: Distribution of abalone egg-laying hormone-like peptide in the central nervous system and reproductive tract of the male mud crab, Scylla olivacea
Author(s): Kanjana Khornchatri, Jirawat Saetan, Tipsuda Thongbuakaew, Thanyaporn Senarai, Thanapong Kruangkum, Napamanee Kornthong, Yotsawan Tinikul and Prasert Sobhon
Source: Acta Histochemica
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.652

11 Title: Enhanced accumulation of high-value deoxymiroestrol and isoflavonoids using hairy root as a sustainable source of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica
Author(s): Orapin Udomsin, Gorawit Yusakul, Witsarut Kraithong, Latiporn Udomsuk, Tharita Kitisripanya, Thaweesak Juengwatanatrakul and Waraporn Putalun
Source: Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC)
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.004

10 Title: In situ mucoadhesive hydrogel based on methylcellulose/xyloglucan for periodontitis
Author(s): Namon Hirun, Vimon Tantishaiyakul, Tanatchaporn Sangfai, Passaporn Ouiyangkul and Lin Li
Source: Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 1.745

9 Title: Partitioning of Cd, Zn and Fe in the Tissues and Cytosols of Blood Cockles (Anadara granosa) from the Gulf of Thailand
Author(s): C. Rattikansukha, G. E. Millward and W. J. Langston
Source: Estuaries and Coasts
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.421

8 Title: Preventable Severe Thalassemia among Children
Authors: Chaiwat Rerkswattavorn, Nongnuch Sirachainan, Duantida Songdej, Praguywan Kadegasem and Ampaiwan Chuansumrit
Journal: Hemoglobin
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.462

7 Title: Enhanced Magnetic Squareness in Manganese-Bismuth Mechanical Alloys Incorporating Magnesium Oxide
Author(s): Thanida Charoensuk, Chitnarong Sirisathitkul, Upsorn Boonyang and Pongsakorn Jantaratana
Source: Materials Science (Medžiagotyra)
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 0.854

6 Title: Self-assembly of iron platinum based nanoparticles on diethelyne glycol and carbon-coated copper grid substrates
Author(s): P Sarmphim, K Chokprasombat, Y Sirisathitkul and C Sirisathitkul
Source: Journal of Physics : Conference Series
Database: Scopus

5 Title: Purple urine bag syndrome in palliative care
Author(s): Sanhapan Wattanapisit, Apichai Wattanapisit, Anong Meepuakmak and Pornnipa Rakkapan
Source: BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2017) = 2.385

4 Title: Sustainable supply chain management: A literature review of recent mathematical modelling approaches
Author(s): Janya Chanchaichujit, Quynh Chi Pham and Albert Tan
Source: International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management
Database: Scopus

3 Title: Computational Screening of Fatty Acid Synthase Inhibitors Against Thioesterase Domain
Author(s): Wanwisa Panman, Bodee Nutho, Supakarn Chamni, Supaporn Dokmaisrijan, Nawee Kungwan and Thanyada Rungrotmongkol
Source: Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics
Database: ISI   Impact Factor (2016) = 3.123

2 Title: Enhanced dissolution of sildenafil citrate as dry foam tablets
Author(s): Somchai Sawatdee, Apichart Atipairin, Attawadee Sae Yoon, Teerapol Srichana and Narumon Changsan
Source: Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
Database: ISI Impact Factor (2016) = 1.860

1 Title: Determination of n-trans-feruloyltyramine content and nitric oxide inhibitory and antioxidant activities oftinosporacrispa
Author(s): Attawadee SaeYoon, Bhudsaban Sukkarn, Wichit Nosoongnoen, Chutima Jantarat, Poonsit Hiransai, Pajaree Sakdiset, Jiraporn Chingunpitak, Sunita Makchuchit and Arunporn Itharat
Source: Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesDatabase: SCOPUS

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