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Duties/Roles and Responsibilities

Duties/Roles and Responsibilities of Walailak University’s Institute of Research and Innovation:
1. To set guidelines, policies, and to coordinate research work with other departments both inside and outside the university according to university’s research and development program.
2. To perform secretarial works for various research/ integrated projects by coordinating each research project with other faculties or other departments both inside and outside the university.
3. To be the main organization to manage and coordinate various research/ integrated projects according to university’s purpose or assigned by our institute committees.
4. To search and coordinate both private and public funding sources (domestically and internationally) in order to support university’s new and on-going researches.
5. To engage and coordinate in setting up research center/unit both as specialty research unit and area-based unit as needed for the teaching and learning activities in both long term and short term.
6. To evaluate and follow up university’s research projects according to their purposes in order to maximize their benefits to the university and society as a whole.
7. To become the research grant information center of the university for exchanging university research information with other agencies.
8. To promote and broadcast useful knowledge from completed researches in various channels to the community, within/outside the university, and also internationally.