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Main Purpose, Vision, Mission, University Research Policy

Main Purposes:
1. To become a leading research university, where new knowledge is created, among the top research universities in the world.
2. To become a research university, solving problems and responding to the needs of local communities in upper Southern Region.

Vision “3 L”:
Institute of Research and Innovation at Walailak University will be the “location” for producing research, be the “local developer” for sustainable development of our local communities and become one of the world’s “leading” research-intensive universities.

Support and promote researches which will help solving problems of our local communities.  The institute will also support researches that create new knowledge and promote researches as our learning process.

University Research Policy :
Walailak University supports the researches with “NAB (National Area-Based) Policy”, which means the university supports researches that focus on the Southern Region of Thailand. The purpose is to develop useful knowledge to apply for Thai society and to create new knowledge for world academic society.  University has external funding sources to support both basic and applied researches. These will help to reach our goal of academic excellence.

Institute of Research and Innovation Policy:
To support area-based researches in order to respond to the needs of our upper Southern Region local communities, to develop researches with new knowledge to become one of the leading research universities in the world, and to promote researches as the learning process. Therefore, research management is usually involved with academic service. There will be the balance between basic and applied researches which can solve problems or can support development of the communities.